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Monday, January 14th, 2019

Registration/Check-in Opens (Pre-Function Area) & Breakfast is Served!

Welcome Breakfast & Keynote (Kurt Christiansen, FAICP, 2019 APA President) | 1 CM

Kurt Christiansen has made a life commitment to community service and leadership during his planning career. His notable accomplishments include educating the residents of Sierra Madre on the importance of creating a vital downtown and leading the city of Azusa through a controversial modification to a surface mining project that delivered a better project, remediating the previous environmental damage. Having served as APA California Chapter president during the last recession, he advocated for expanding services during the fiscal crisis to support the membership. His vision and dedication has helped improve the quality of the communities and organizations he has served. Inducted in 2016.

Breakout Session 1


  • Addressing Food Insecurity in Alaska (Cara Durr, Director of Public Engagement, Food Bank of Alaska) | 1 CM

  • A Tale of Multiple Projects: Linking Projects Through Planning (Adison Spafford & Tessa Axelson, Red Plains Professional, Inc.) | 1 CM

A Tale of Multiple Projects Presentation​

  • Wellness: Planning for a Healthier Workplace (Ted Eischeid & Adam Bradway, Mat-Su Borough) | 1 CM

Wellness Planning for a Healthier Workplace Presentation​

  • The Evolution of Accessory Dwelling Units in Anchorage and Juneau (Dave Whitfield, Municipality of Anchorage and Beth McKibben, City & Borough of Juneau) | 1 CM

The Evolution of ADUs​ Presentation

Breakout Session 2

  • Unalaska Transit Study (Bill Homka & Thomas Roufos, City of Unalaska) | 1 CM

  • Nontraditional Resources to Help Reduce Flood Risk in Your Communities (Chad Berginnis, CFM, Executive Director, ASFM) | 1 CM

Reducing Flood Risk in Your Community Presentation

  • Call of the Wild: Pathways to Community Vitality Through Outdoor Recreation (Lee Hart, Valdez Adventure Alliance) | 1 CM

  • Art is a Verb: How Public Art Can Shape Place & Create a Sense of Community & Connection (Enzina Marrari, MA, Curator of Public Art Municipality of Anchorage)  | 1 CM

Lunch & Keynote (Former Commissioner and CMO, Jay Butler, MD) | 1 CM

Dr. Jay Butler is formerly the Chief Medical Officer and Commissioner for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, and Director of the Division of Public Health in Juneau and Anchorage, Alaska. He maintains board certification in General Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Infectious Diseases. Dr. Butler was President of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials in 2016-17. Prior to joining state service, he was Senior Director of the Division of Community Health Services and Medical Director for Employee Health and Infection Control at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium in Anchorage. He was the Director of the H1N1 Vaccine Task Force at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2010, and spent 23 years as a US Public Health Service Officer, retiring at the rank of Captain (O-6).  Dr. Butler has authored and co-authored over 100 scientific papers and medical textbook chapters on infectious diseases and emergency preparedness.

Building For Health: The Built Environment as a Determinant of Health on Good Days and Bad Presentation

Breakout Session 3

  • 10 Minute Walk Campaign (Molly Lanphier, Anchorage Parks Foundation & Catherine Kemp, Anchorage Mayor's Office) | 1.5 CM

10 Minute Walk Campaign Presentation​

  • Alaska's Orphan Roads & How to Address Long Term Maintenance in Second Class Boroughs (Donald Galligan, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Daniel McKenna-Foster, Kodiak Island Borough & Bruce Wall, Kenai Peninsula Borough) | 1.5 CM

Alaska's Orphan Roads Presentation​

  • AICP Ethics:  Beyond the Usual Case Studies (Wende Wilbur, AICP PTP) | 1.5 CM

  • Reinvestment Focus Areas – A Key Tool in the MOA’s Approach to Brownfield (Michelle McNulty, Nicole Jones-Vogel, Tom Davis, Municipality of Anchorage) | 1.5 CM

Reinvestment Focus Areas: The MOA's Approach to Brownfield Redevelopment​ Presentation

Breakout Session 4

  • Walking Workshop: Wrongs of Every Sort are Done in Darkness (Don Kostelec, AICP, Vitruvian Planning) | 1 CM

Wrongs of Every Sort are Done in Darkness Presentation​

  • Hands-On Workshop: Engaging Community through Public Art Murals (Steven Gordon, MFA, Alaskan Artist) | 1 CM

Engaging Community through Public Art Murals Presentation​

  • Mat-Su Regional Health and Human Services Workforce Development Assessment and Plan (Donna Logan, McDowell Group & Vandana Ingle, Mat-Su Health Foundation) | 1 CM

Mat-Su Regional Health and Human Services Workforce Development Assessment and Plan Presentation​


Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Registration/Check-in Opens (Pre-Function Area) & Breakfast is Served!

Breakfast & Keynote (Chad Berginnis, CFM, Executive Director, Association of State Floodplain Managers) | 1 CM

Chad Berginnis became executive director of ASFPM in July 2012, after joining the association staff as associate director in 2011. Since 2000, he served the association as Insurance Committee chair, Mitigation Policy Committees' coordinator, vice chair and chair. He has a Bachelor of Science in natural resources from Ohio State University. Since 1993, his work has focused on floodplain management, hazard mitigation and land use planning at the state, local and private sector level. As a state official, Berginnis worked in the Ohio Floodplain Management Program and was Ohio's state hazard mitigation officer. As a local official, Berginnis administered planning, economic development and floodplain management programs in Perry County, Ohio. In the private sector, he was the national practice leader in hazard mitigation for Michael Baker Jr. Inc.


Breakout Session 5

  • Midtown Congestion Relief Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study (Renee Whitesell, MNZPI, PTP, DOWL and Sean Holland, PE, Alaska DOT & PF) | 1 CM

  • Evaluating FNSB's Efforts to Balance Zoning Enforcement & Property Marketability (Manish Singh, Fairbanks North Star Borough) | 1 CM

Evaluating FNSB's Efforts to Balance Zoning Enforcement & Property Marketability Presentation

  • Removing Barriers to Local Food Production: The Role of Local Governments (Daniel McKenna-Foster, Kodiak Island Borough)| 1 CM

Removing Barriers to Local Food Production Presentation​

  • Healing the Mistakes of Unplanned Growth: Airport Way Case Study (Patrick Cotter, CFM, AICP, PDC Engineers, Inc.) | 1 CM

Airport Way Case Study Presentation​

Breakout Session 6

  • Essential Techniques for Healthy and Successful Public Engagement (Barbara Sheinberg, AICP, Sheinberg Associates) | 1 CM

Essential Techniques for Healthy and Successful Public Engagement Presentation​

  • The 2020 Census:  Planning for a Complete Count  (Barbara Miranda, Partnership Specialist - U.S. Census Bureau) | 1 CM

Road to 2020 Census and Complete Count Communities Presentation​

  • If Responders Can't Find You - They Can't Help You (Bill Witte & Kellen Spillman, AICP, Fairbanks North Star Borough) | 1 CM

If Responders Can't Find You Presentation​

  • Marijuana's Role in Anchorage's Urban Revitalization (Ryan Yelle, Municipality of Anchorage) | 1 CM

Marijuana's Role in Anchorage's Urban Revitalization Presentation​

Planning Awards Lunch (Keynote: Gil Penalosa, 8-80 Cities) | 1 CM

Gil is the founder and chair of the board of the successful Canadian non-profit organization 8 80 Cities. He is also chair of the board of World Urban Parks, the international representative body for the city parks, open space and recreation sector. Gil also runs his international consulting firm - Gil Penalosa & Associates, is an accomplished keynote speaker, facilitator of strategic workshops and advisor to decision makers and community groups.

See more information on APA AK's Planning Awards.


Breakout Session 7

  • Design for Health, Plan for Equity (Ellen Campfield Nelson, AICP, Thea Agnew Bemben, Tanya Iden, AICP & Heather Stewart, AICP; Agnew::Beck) | 1.5 CM

Design for Health, Plan for Equity Presentation​

  • Vision Zero: Busting Myths & Saving Lives (Don Kostelec, AICP, Vitruvian Planning) | 1.5 CM

Vision Zero: Busting Myths & Saving Lives Presentation​

  • Dope Planning: How Will Legalization of Marijuana Affect the Planning Function (Julian Mason and Becky E. Lipson, Ashburn & Mason, P.C.) | 1.5 CM

  • World Cafe: Turning Spaces into Places: Making Anchorage's Parks Safe and Welcoming for Teens (Dr. Shannon Donovan, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at UAA and Sharon Chamard, Associate Professor, Justice Center at UAA) | 1.5 CM


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